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Hello there today we are talking about COVID-19 has changed the way we learn and work for the foreseeable future. During the height of the pandemic, almost 70% of people reported working from home full-time. These days, 92% of workers are still reporting remote work at least one day a week. Fortunately, with just a computer and internet access, you can learn just about anything from anywhere even tech skills. In fact, there has never been a better time to add technological know-how to use it. A recent report showed that the tech industry generated about 10.5% of the economy in the world. The tech industry is huge, and only growing bigger in digital world today. At our website, our goal is to help people to learn the latest tech skills so that they can advance their careers. So far our target is to helped over as many students. we also offer a wide range of free courses to help people to get started. This guide will give you a peek into our most popular online courses you can learn. We offer plenty of resources on how to create your first course. And, our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages help keep you organized

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